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Ledes Extension Ring Electrical Conduit Connector Outdoor PVC Fittings - Grey

Compatible Standard

AS/NZS 2053

Light Ageing Test UV

EN 61386


ISO 9001:2015

Ledes - Solar Conduit for Solar Panel & Power Project


UV Resistance. Extreme UV exposure performance, perfect match with outdoor installation and suitable for extremely harsh conditions.

Non – Metallic Clamp. Electronic & heat insulation, light weight, long lasting and rustproof. Which are pros comparing with metallic electrical fittings.

High Fire Rating. Up to V0 fire rated means the flame will self-extinguishing in 5s after cut off the source of fire for provided the best protection for your home & office.

Excellent Performance. -15℃ to +105℃ (5 to 221℉) working temperature available.

Trusted Partner. 15+ huge construction projects core supplier over the world and services hundreds of companies in US & CA & AU & UAE & SA.

Full Customized Service. Not only size and colour of products, but we can offer total solutions for your project based on our rich industry experience.


Ledes solar electrical conduit clamp is perfect match outdoor used and solar power generation equipment. Compared with ordinary PVC electrical fittings, it significantly improves the stability under exposure conditions or extreme harsh conditions outdoor for make sure long-term stable use.

Ordinary PVC electrical conduit clips is prone to fading and cracking when exposed to the sun or UV for a long time, which will expose the wires inside the pipe to sand or sunlight, then accelerating aging. However, once the insulation layer on the surface of the wire is aged, it is very easy to cause a short circuit and other dangerous situations.

We have tested hundreds of formulations in the process of making PVC electrical conduit fitting, and selected the most stable formulations for mass production to ensure the quality of the products. Moreover, our quality department will randomly check the finished products before leaving the factory, and carry out 150+ hours of UV testing and stability testing items to ensure that they are correct before they are delivered to customers.

Whether you are using it for interior decoration or industrial engineering projects, it can match your project perfect.

Product Description

Why You Need AS & IEC Approved Electrical Conduit Fittings?

UV Resistance

Considering the large-scale installation of solar power project installed in outside, you need reliable electrical conduit and fittings to protect the fragile wires from damage. Then the professional solar conduit accessories is your best choice.

Non - Metallic Extension Ring

In addition to lightweight and cost effective, plastic electrical pipe fittings are also rust-proof and insulated. Once the wire tube rusts after long-term use, and then corrodes the wire, it may cause injury to people.

V0 Grade Flame Resistance

Ledes electrical PVC connector with UL 94V-0 fire resistance rating can be self-extinguished in 5s after cutting off the fire source, significantly improving the safety of life and property.

Excellent Performance

-15℃ to +105℃ (5 to 221℉) working temperature available.



Raw Material


Color Selection


Temperature Range

-15℃ to +105℃ (5 to 221℉)

Electrical Characteristics

Electrical Insulated

Fire Rating


Resistance to UV

Extreme Resistance to UV Radiation














Remarks: can be customized thickness and color



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