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Ledes Transparent PVC Pipe Clear Electrical Schedule 80 Plastic Rigid Tubing 10ft

UL Listed

ASTM D1784-20, ASTM D635-18

ASTM D638-14, ASTMD256-10

ASTM E1252-98(2013)

Ledes - UL Listed Electrical Conduit Supplier


UL LISTED. Up to 5,000 psi tensile strength with ﹤0.25mm Deflection under Load are 100% compliance with UL 651 standard.

Branded Product. Not only made of 100% brand new materials, but it has high quality such as smooth interior and outside for run the electrical wires.

High Fire Rating. UL 94V-0 fire rating means no flaming out when cut of the fire source which will best protect your house & building.

Non-Metallic Pipe. heat-, corrosion-, fire-, sunlight-, rust resistant are pros for sch 40 PVC pipes.

Sunlight Resistance. Excellent sunlight resistance performance, perfect match with outdoor installation and suitable for extremely harsh conditions.

Trusted Partner. 15+ huge construction projects core supplier over the world and services hundreds of companies in US & CA & AU & UAE & SA.


As the most widely used plastic pipe material in the world, PVC has unparalleled advantages over metal materials. Lightweight, lower purchase cost, electrical insulation and easy construction and installation etc.

As a leading supplier of plastic PVC electrical conduit pipe in China, Ledes has been focusing on the development of PVC electrical pipes for more than 14 years. At present, electrical pipe products and accessories have been approved by UL (UL LISTED), making it one of the few PVC electrical pipe manufacturers in China that can pass UL certification.

Our clear Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC electrical conduit pipe series applied the newest technology and formulas in the industry for design & manufacture progress. It not only meets the above standards, but also has UL 94V-0 fire rating. It can be extinguished by itself within 5s after the fire source is cut off, which greatly increases safety. In addition, our electrical conduits and fittings can keep normal operation at a temperature of 90°C (194° F).

However, Ledes just released new generation customized services for customers all over the world, not just regular colors, wall thicknesses, etc. Moreover, it can carry out matching design and mold production according to the customer’s project to 100% meet your project needs.

Product Description

Why You Need UL Listed & ASTM Certified Schedule 80 PVC Conduit?

Design for US Market

We have experienced designer team for developing different kind of electrical conduits and accessories, and the clear electrical schedule 40 & 80 PVC pipe conduits and accessories based on customer needs of North America and comply with relevant standards.

Branded Product

100% made of brand new materials with high quality Sch 80 transparent electrical PVC pipe, it will save your time pre-installations.

High Fire Rating

Ledes Schedule 80 clear PVC pipe with UL 94V-0 fire resistance rating can be self-extinguished in 5s after cutting off the fire source, which greatly improved the safety of life and property.

Non - Metallic Conduit

In addition to lightweight and cost effective, plastic schedule 40 clear conduit pipes are also rust-proof and insulated. Once the wire tube rusts after long-term use, and then corrodes the wire, it may cause injury to people.

Sunlight Resistance

Excellent sunlight resistance performance for outdoor installed purpose and keep long last life for save your money.



Tensile Strength

5000 psi (3.45 kN/cm2)



Water Absorption

﹤0.50% of Whole Weight After Soak

Resistance to Crushing

ID≥70% After Test

Resistance to   Impact

Less Than 3 of 1/32 inch Cracks &   Tears

Deflection under Load

﹤0.25mm Deformation

Fire Rating

UL 94V-0

Resistance   to Specific Reagents

Less ±2.50% Weight After 60 / 120 Days Soak

Permanency   of Printing


Rust   & Sunlight Resistant






Customized Services


Place of Origin

Dongguan, China


By sea




10ft. or 20ft.


Size(in) Part No. OD(in) T(Min) Feet Per Pack
1/2 LE-ULC012 0.840 0.109 6000
3/4 LE-ULC019 1.050 0.113 4400
1 LE-ULC025 1.315 0.133 3600
1-1/4 LE-ULC031 1.660 0.140 3300
1-1/2 LE-ULC038 1.900 0.145 2250
2 LE-ULC050 2.375 0.154 1400
2-1/2 LE-ULC063 2.875 0.203 930
3 LE-ULC076 3.500 0.216 880
3-1/2 LE-ULC088 4.000 0.226 630
4 LE-ULC101 4.500 0.237 570
5 LE-ULC127 5.563 0.258 380
6 LE-ULC152 6.625 0.280 260
8 LE-ULC203 8.625 0.322 180

Remarks: can be customized thickness and color



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