Ledes Pre-Installed Training

We always paying attention to the customer experience after purchased the product.

Ledes Pre Installed Training

When the container is unloaded from the port and delivered to the warehouse, our after-sales training manager is ready to the pre-installation training for all personnel involved in the construction for avoid any mistakes.

In this case, the customers purchased LSZH series products for their projects. They just learned about many benefits of LSZH products, especially the safety and environmental friendly.

In order to help them in the smooth construction, our training manager conducted a 3 days(from Jan,6 to Jan,9 2021) training course, he explaining in detail the construction methods of LSZH products and some common construction problems to improve construction efficiency.

Most of the persons in charge who participated in the construction listened carefully to the training course and gave positive reviews to the content of the course,they believing that Ledes Pre-installed Training has solved their problems and helped them to construct more efficiently.

After the training, our engineering manager answered the questions on the spot and left contact information for future consultation.

“We must make sure that our customers can quickly applied the conduits in their project and install them correctly once ready” Mr. He Said (the engineering manager of Ledes) he used these words at the scene as the end of the training.

Ledes On Site Training

Mr. He finally audited the sample construction site based on the content of the training just make sure that the participants in the training truly understood the content of the courses.

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