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Ledes ENT Coupling Flexible PVC Conduit Connectors

UL 1653 Listed

Ledes - UL Listed Electrical Conduit Supplier


UL LISTED. Ledes ENT tubing connector are the UL Listed for your peace of mind. We invite you to reach out to us for further information.

Premium-crafted Fitting. Made with 100% brand-new materials, featuring a luxuriously smooth and sleek interior and durable exterior that expertly contains the electrical wires.

Totally Flame-Resistant. UL 94V-0 fire rating guarantees that this product will not spontaneously combust when cut off from the source of fire, safeguarding your home and building.

Non-Metallic Coupling. Electrical nonmetallic tubing coupler offers heat, corrosion, fire, and sunlight resistance, making it a durable option for a wide range of applications.

Trusted Partner. We’ve proudly served 1.000+ Companies in the US, CA, AU, UAE, and SA Through 15+ Huge Construction Project Core Suppliers Worldwide.


The ENT conduit coupling is for connecting pieces of electrical non-metallic tubing (ENT) for pulling wire purposes. Use of the ENT quick connector needs set cement required. The coupler is suitable for dry & damp locations.

The ENT coupling makes the installation process simple, connecting two different pieces of flexible electrical tubing to keep the wires wing-free.

Ledes: Leading PVC Electrical Conduit Pipe Manufacturer in China

Ledes, a leading supplier of plastic PVC electrical conduit pipes in China, has been crafting PVC electrical pipes for over 14 years. Today, they stand as the 1st PVC electrical pipe manufacturer in China to pass UL & CSA certifications, showcasing their commitment to quality and safety.

But that’s not all. Ledes has revolutionized the industry with their cutting-edge customized services. Say goodbye to limitations like regular colors and wall thicknesses. With Ledes, the possibilities are endless. They offer matching design and mold production, meticulously tailored to meet your project needs with 100% accuracy.

Get ready to experience the difference with Ledes:

  • Leading manufacturer: First to pass UL & CSA certifications in China
  • Custom-designed solutions: Meet your project needs exactly
  • Unparalleled quality: Made with the finest materials and craftsmanship


Contact us to learn more and start your project today.

Product Description


Design for US Market

Our high-performance ENT conduit coupling and accessories offer exceptional impact resistance with up to 1,334N anti-bend and 2.7J (2.0ft-lbf) Impact Resistant rating. Adherence to the stringent UL 1653 standard is guaranteed, ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability. Our experienced design team specializes in crafting innovative electrical conduits and accessories that meet diverse industry standards, including UL, NEMA, CSA, and more.

Branded Product

Made entirely of brand-new materials, the high-quality PVC ENT conduit connector saves precious pre-installation time and cost, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective installation.

High Fire Rating

Ledes electrical fittings with UL 94V-0 fire rating, self-extinguishing within 5 seconds of cutting off the fire source. This groundbreaking safety feature significantly enhances safety for life and property, offering peace of mind knowing that your electrical system can withstand even the most intense flames.

Non - Metallic Coupling

Not only are plastic conduit couplers lightweight and affordable, but they’re also rust-proof and insulated. Over time, wire tubes can rust and corrode, posing a potential safety hazard by injuring individuals.

Sunlight Resistance

Exceptional heat and sunlight resistance for outdoor installations, ensuring longevity and significant savings.


Impact Resistant

2.7J (2.0ft-lbf)


Up to 1,334N (300 lb)

Pull Resistant

667N (150 lbs)

Markings Test

No visible fading in oven test above 121°C for 7 days

Fire Resistant

UL 94 Approved

Concrete Tight

UL Approved

Tension Test

Up to 134N (300lbf)

Permanency of Printing


Rust & Sunlight Resistant



Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow or Customization



Customization Services


Place of Origin

Dongguan, China


By sea




By Pack



The following should be clearly and permanently marked on the ENT tube at intervals of not more than 1.5 m (60 in):


  1. a) the manufacturer’s name, trademark or other recognized identifier;
  2. b) “ENT” type;
  3. c) construction material “PVC”;
  4. d) Metric and Imperial dimensions, such as 16 (1/2);
  5. e) “FT4” when tested according to clause 7.3; CSA C22.2 NO.227.1-06 UL 1653 21
  6. f) production code (date of manufacture);
  7. g) “for residential attics 900 mm (3 ft) above the bottom of the ceiling joists” when the ENT material complies with clause 4.1.4;
  8. h) In the United States, when the manufacturer has multiple plants producing electrical non-metallic bellows, identify the production plant. In Canada, subparagraph (h) does not apply.
  9. i) In Canada, trade size 63 (2-1/2) should be marked “Canada Only”.



The smallest package of finished cut lengths, rolls or reels shall be marked with:

  1. a) the manufacturer’s name, trademark or other recognized identifier;
  2. b) “ENT” type;
  3. c) construction material “PVC”;
  4. d) Metric and Imperial dimensions, such as 16 (1/2);
  5. e) the total length of the product in the package;
  6. f) the manufacturer’s instructions for fixing the solvent connection fittings (this mark may appear on the packaging or in the accompanying booklet);
  7. g) “For residential attics 900 mm (3 ft) above the bottom of the ceiling joists” when the electrical non-metallic bellows material complies with Section 4.1.4.
  8. h) In Canada, trade size 63 (2-1/2) should be marked “Canada Only”.



Part No.

L (in)

W (in)













Remarks: Size & Color can be customized



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