Ledes Engaged in The Abu Dhabi UAE Al Dhafra PV2 Project

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The Abu Dhabi UAE Al Dhafra PV2 Project is the largest photovoltaic solar project in the world. The installed capacity is 1584MW, including 3.5 million solar array modules, and the Inverter supplied by Huawei and others are used. The total project budget is about 1 billion US dollars. After the project is completed, it can simultaneously meet the electricity demand of 160,000 households and reduce 2.4 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, equivalent to the emissions of 200,000 cars.

Ledes Engaged in The Abu Dhabi UAE Al Dhafra PV2 Project

Because the working environment of solar cells is in the harsh desert, all accessories need to be exposed to scorching environments during the day. On the contrary, the temperature at night is too low, so the requirements for electrical conduits are strict. After checking qualified suppliers on the market, Ledes is honored to supply electrical conduit pipe and fittings for this project. In terms of products, it corresponds to our series of solar conduit pipes and accessories, characterized by excellent high and low temperature and UV resistance performance.

Ledes Engaged in The Abu Dhabi UAE Al Dhafra PV2 Project

As a brand manufacturer focusing on electrical wire pipes and accessories, Ledes always provides customers with high-quality products and solutions based on customer needs. Through the Abu Dhabi UAE Al Dhafra PV2 Project, we once again renew the product standards of the solar energy series product line, challenge our products to be installed in the desert with the harshest natural conditions in the world, and withstand the test of time to prove our products has entered the top ranks in the world.

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