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Ledes Conduit Locknut Adaptor LSZH Electrical Fittings Black

Compatible Standard

IEC61386-1, IEC61386-21

EN50267-2, IEC60754-1

IEC61034-2, ASTM E662

ISO4589-2, ISO19700, UL94

Ledes LSZH conduit and fittings has certified IEC ASNZS certified supplier


LSZH Conduit Adaptors. Elevate your safety standards with our next-gen electrical conduit and fittings. Designed to maximize personnel safety in fire situations and crafted from halogen-free plastic, these adaptors surpass traditional PVC options in both environmental friendliness and protection.

Enhanced Fire Safety. With a UL94V-0 fire rating, rest assured that flames will self-extinguish within 5 seconds after removing the fire source, offering superior protection for your home and office.

UV Resistance. Engineered for extreme UV exposure, our product is the ideal fit for outdoor installations, standing up to even the most severe weather conditions with ease.

Outstanding Durability. Performs flawlessly across temperatures ranging from -45 to +150℃ (-49 to 302℉), complemented by an IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring weatherproof resilience in any condition.

Reliable Supplier. As a core provider for over 15 significant construction projects globally, we service thousands of companies across the US, Canada, Australia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Tailored Solutions. Beyond just customizing the size and color of our products, we leverage our extensive industry expertise to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your project’s unique needs.


Ready to Upgrade Your Electrical Needs with LSZH Adapters?
With LSZH conduit adaptors, your plastic conduits connect seamlessly with various accessories including socket back boxes, distribution boards, and electric conduit pipes.
The LSOH electrical pipe connector represents a leap in the industry, offering low smoke and halogen-free alternatives. Unlike traditional PVC pipe male adaptors, LSHF electrical conduit fittings significantly decrease the emission of black smoke and toxins during combustion. It increases the likelihood of survival during fires and is celebrated worldwide for its eco-friendly, halogen-free materials. This makes it an ideal choice for sensitive environments like hospitals, schools, government buildings, and homes.
For 14 years, Ledes – a pioneer electrical conduit pipes supplier in China – has been setting industry benchmarks. We are the first in China to receive CSA and UL certification for our electrical pipes and fittings, further offering ASTM, IEC, AS/NZS, ROHS, and CE certified conduit pipes and fittings.
We aren’t just about superior products; we’re transforming customer experiences with our personalized services. Ledes brings unprecedented customization, smashing through the barriers of standard colors and thicknesses. We offer bespoke solutions designed to cater to your project’s specific demands, from design alignment, mold production, to our focused attention to detail. Our mission? To surpass your expectations and propel your project towards successful completion.
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Product Description

Why LSZH Conduit Fittings is Most Popular in the World?

Ledes low smoke halogen free conduit will decrease the black smoke in burning

Low Smoke

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency with Ledes Electrical Pipe Fittings.

Our LSZH electrical pipe fittings offer:

  • Fast self-extinction in 5 seconds.
  • Reliable protection for sensitive electrical components.
  • Increased safety for people and property.


Stay safe and efficient with reliable electrical pipe fittings from Ledes! 

Halogen Free

Eco-Friendly and Reliable Electrical Male Adapters with Ledes.

Our PVC-free male adapters eliminate halogen emissions, prioritizing:

  • Environmental sustainability and safety.
  • Exceptional reliability and performance.
  • Protection for both electrical systems and the planet.


Choose Ledes for sustainable and reliable electrical solutions!

Ledes low smoke halogen free conduit will no halogen emitted when burning
Ledes LSZH conduit has UL94V 0 fire rating which will reduce losses in fire

V0 Grade Flame Resistance

Enhanced Fire Protection for Electrical Installations with Ledes.

Our LSZH electrical pipe connector are engineered with a UL94V-0 fire rating for:

  • Fast self-extinction in 5 seconds.
  • Reliable protection for sensitive electrical components.
  • Increased safety for people and property.


Stay safe and efficient with reliable electrical pipe fittings from Ledes!

UV Resistance

Reliable and Affordable Electrical Protection for Outdoor with Ledes.

Our electrical conduit box connectors offers exceptional UV resistance, ensuring:

  • Protection for outdoor installations from UV rays.
  • Increased lifespan for cost-effectiveness.
  • Peace of mind and reliable performance.


Invest in long-lasting and affordable outdoor electrical protection with Ledes!

Ledes electrical conduit has excellent UV Sunlight resistance performance which suit for outdoor building project
Ledes LSZH conduit adapter and back box has excellent work temp and IP65 waterproof rating

Excellent Performance

Flexible and Reliable Electrical Connection with Ledes Adapters.

Our electrical adapters offer:

  • Wide temperature range for adaptability to diverse environments.
  • IP65 waterproof rating for reliable protection.
  • Flexible design for easy installation and adjustment.


Choose Ledes for flexible and reliable electrical connection!


Ageing Resistance

UV Stabilized

Temperature range

-45 to +150℃ (-49 to 302℉)

Waterproof Rating

IP65 or Above

Raw Material

Halogen Free Thermoplastic

Color selection


Electrical Characteristics

Electrical Insulated

Fire Rating


Halogen free

PH value is 9.0, conductivity value is 9.9 μs/cm

Low smoke

The minimum light transmittance within 40 minutes: 68.97%

Low smoke to ASTM E662

Not less than 95.3 at 60 seconds

Oxygen indext

Not less than 39.2%



Products Code































Remarks: can be customized thickness and color



Price List

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15+ major projects globally, such as The CHPE, A.B.Brown Station, Abu Dhabi UAE Al Dhafra PV2 Project, Melbourne Metro Tunnel, Macau Island Hospital project, and more.

Ledes Projects


We are proudly the first UL and CSA Certified electrical conduit pipe and fittings supplier in China; we boast an array of certifications, including ASTM, IEC, AS/NZS, ROHS, CE, and ISO.


Ledes would like to connect with customers face-to-face, that’s why we participate in many exhibitions. For example, we have participated in the IBS exhibition in Las Vegas many times, as well as the Canton Fair. In the future, we look forward to seeing you at the show!

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Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

Ledes is a professional PVC electrical conduit and fittings factory, and we have two different facilities located in China. Our product is UL, CSA, ASTM, IEC, AS/NZS, ROHS, and CE certified.

Yes, Ledes offers fully customized services for electrical conduits and fittings. Not only the color and size, we can customize based on your construction project.

Different size of conduit has different MOQs; if you talk about PVC conduit, it is generally 3,000 meters to 5,000 meters (9,850 ft to 16,500 ft), depending on size.

The general L/D is 15 – 30 days, but it depends on your quantity.

We shipped goods to Guangzhou or Shenzhen port. Let us know if you have any special requests.

We accept 30% T/T pre-paid, and the rest 70% needs to be paid before shipment.

Yes, we support sample services; contact us to claim your sample today!

You can contact us in 3 different ways: submit the contact form, send an email, or send us WhatsApp messages.

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