LSZH means Low Smoking Zero Halogen, and the benefits included.
1. The density of smoke produced by combustion is low in case of fire, which can increase the possibility of personnel escape and reduce the difficulty of search and rescue.
2. It does not contain halogen, which can greatly reduce the adverse symptoms of personnel on the spot.
3. It can be extinguished in 5s after cutting off the fire source, which greatly increases reliability and safety.
4. The raw materials are more environmentally friendly, which can reduce environmental pollution.
5. Super Resistance to Compression & Impaction. Please refer to our product page for more details.
BTW, the LSHF (Low Smoking Halogen Free), LSOH (Low Smoking Free Of Halogen) LS0H (Low Smoking Free Of Halogen, 0 is wrong typing) are all same things except for different names.

The maximum use temperature for LSZH conduit is -45 ℃ (-49 ℉) to +120℃ (248 ℉) In this temperature range, the electrician conduit will works well.

The outside of tube must be printing follow information for compliance with related starndard
The manufacturer’s name or trademark
Type, Such as LSZH Electrical Conduit
Tube diameter, Such as 20mm
Purpose, Such as medium duty or heavy duty
UV rating, Such as UV 3354. The numbers ’33’ means compression & impaction rating both 3 and compliance with medium duty conduit, and the number ‘5’ means 5 grade of low temperature limited is -45℃ (-49 ℉), the number ‘4’ means 4 grade of high temperature limited is 120℃ (248 ℉).
Working Temperature Rang, Like -45℃ to +120℃
The standard to which it follows, Such as IEC61386
Color marks, Such as gery or 21GY
Date of manufacture, Such as 2021/1/16

Due to the chemical properties, LSZH electrical pipe or PVC electrical pipe is not easily degradable, and the ultraviolet-inhibiting additives added in the production process of electrical pipe, so it can be used for outdoor construction purpose.

Yes, it is. Comparing with alternative materials on the market such as iron or steel, the weight only has 1/3 to 1/5 yet strong, not mentioned about they has too much fittings and accessories for make installing easier. Such as bend, coupler etc.

Of course, please see the list as below
IEC 61386-25
We also have copys for these qualifications, feeling free to contact us if you needed.

Our products are at least IP65 level, and we also support higher IP68 levels if you would like to customization.

Our MOQ is 5000 meters for conduit, and the fittings will 5000-20000 pcs depended different SKUs for LSZH series.

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