Ledes - 1er tuyau et raccords de conduits électriques en PVC certifiés UL et CSA marque fabricant grossiste distributeur prix usine
Ledes IEC & ASNZS certified LSZH plastic flexible corrugated electrical conduit brand supplier manufacturer factory wholesales price bulk in peru chile sri lanka spain hongkong australian malta korea brazil new zealand
Ledes IEC & ASNZS certified LSZH plastic flexible corrugated electrical conduit brand supplier manufacturer factory wholesales price for sale new zealand peru chile sri lanka spain uk hongkong singapore brazil korea malta australian
Conduit flexible ondulé certifié Ledes IEC et AS/NZS fournisseur de marque gery fabricant de prix d'usine vente en vrac Brésil australien Malte Corée Singapour Espagne Sri Lanka Chili Pérou Nouvelle-Zélande
Ledes IEC & AS/NZS certified corrugated flexible conduit gery brand supplier factory price manufacturer bulk sale new zealand australian sri lanka peru chile spain singapore

Tuyau flexible pour conduits ondulés électriques Ledes LSZH

Norme compatible


CEI61386-1, CEI61386-21

EN50267-2, CEI60754-1

CEI61034-2, ASTM E662

ISO4589-2, ISO19700, UL94

Les conduits et raccords Ledes LSZH ont un fournisseur certifié IEC et AS/NZS


Conduit sans halogène à faible consommation de fumée. Enter a new era of safety and eco-friendliness with our cutting-edge Low-Smoke Halogen-Free Conduit. When it comes to fire safety, this next-gen electrical pipe offers exemplary protection, ensuring personnel safety remains our top priority. Plus, its halogen-free materials showcase our commitment to the environment by providing a greener alternative to typical PVC conduit. Choose our conduit today for a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future.

Taux ignifuge élevé. Our products are engineered with a V0 fire rating, which guarantees that flames will extinguish within 5 seconds after the fire source is removed. This exceptional level of flame retardancy offers unmatched protection for your home and office, ensuring your environment is safeguarded with the highest standard of fire safety. Secure your peace of mind by choosing our V0-rated solutions for superior fire protection.

Résistance aux UV. Get ready for a seamless outdoor installation experience with our UV-resistant product line, crafted to withstand the most severe UV exposure. Tailored for challenging outdoor environments, our robust solution ensures lasting performance and protection, no matter the intensity of the sun’s rays. Trust in our exceptional quality for enduring resilience in any outdoor setting.

Partenaire de confiance. Discover the trusted choice for over 15 significant construction projects worldwide. We’re not just a core supplier; we’re a committed partner to thousands of companies across the US, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Our extensive experience and proven track record make us your reliable source for top-tier construction solutions. Let’s build success together.

Résistance extrême à la compression. Minimum 1,250Nt /5cm.

Résistance aux chocs. Minimum 6 Joules.


Discover LSZH Electrical Plastic Conduit – The Future of Safe, Eco-friendly Electricity Management
Introducing the low smoke and halogen-free (LSZH) corrugated flexible conduit pipe, the shining beacon of advancement in the electrical conduit sector. This unique and revolutionary product outperforms its PVC counterparts by significantly reducing the emission of harmful black smoke and toxins when it comes in contact with fire.
These features don’t just contribute to your safety, making survival during a fire more likely, but also spare our planet from further pollution. With such undeniable advantages, LSZH has become the trusted choice on a global scale and is now prevalent in schools, hospitals, government buildings, and decorative uses.
Ledes, the pioneer in PVC electrical conduit solutions, is proud to have introduced LSZH technology to the global market. Our LSZH conduits are UL1685-4 and IEC 60754-1 certified and serve as the perfect solution for environments demanding strict fire safety regulations. With benefits like minimal flame spread, significantly less smoke production, zero halogen emissions, and superior low-temperature strength, these conduit pipes are ideal for high-risk areas like public enclosures, tunnel systems, control rooms, and confined spaces.
Several countries, including Australia and Chile, have legislated the use of LSZH series pipes, emphasizing their dedication towards higher safety standards and environmental sustainability.
With over 14 years of experience, Ledes – a leading China-based manufacturer – is marked by relentless innovation and the pursuit of excellence. As the first to achieve UL and CSA certifications in China, Ledes stands as a beacon of trust, quality, and durability. With our range of superior electrical materials, we assure you that with Ledes, your safety and satisfaction are always prioritized. Make the switch to LSZH conduits today and transform your building’s safety and sustainability quotient. Explore Ledes to discover more.

Description du produit

Why LSZH Flexible Corrugated Conduit is Most Popular in the World?

Le conduit sans halogène à faible fumée de Ledes diminuera la fumée noire lors de la combustion

Faible fumée

Enhanced Safety and Escape with LSZH Electrician Conduit Pipe.

Traditional PVC flexible pipe pose significant risks in fire situations due to excessive smoke generation. Thankfully, Ledes’ innovative LSZH corrugated electrician conduit overcome this vulnerability.


  • Reduced smoke generation: Unique LSZH material minimizes smoke release for improved evacuation and firefighting operations.
  • Sécurité renforcée : Improved safety for personnel in case of emergencies.
  • Durable construction: Built to withstand harsh environments and everyday wear-and-tear.


Trust Ledes for safer and more reliable electrical installations.

Sans halogène

Eco-Friendly Electrical Protection with Ledes PVC-Free Corrugated Plastic Conduit.

Traditional PVC flex conduit contain halogen, posing environmental and health risks. Ledes switches to sustainable and eco-friendly PVC-free pipes.

Here’s what you get:

  • Free from harmful halogens for peace of mind.
  • Improved environmental sustainability.
  • Enhanced safety and performance for your electrical systems.


Make the switch to Ledes for sustainable electrical solutions.

Le conduit Ledes sans halogène à faible fumée ne produira aucun halogène lors de la combustion
Le conduit Ledes LSZH est doté d'un classement au feu UL94V-0, ce qui réduira les pertes en cas d'incendie.

Résistance aux flammes de qualité V0

Enhanced Fire Protection with Ledes LSZH Electric Corrugated Pipe.

Our innovative LSZH flexible conduit pipe deliver superior fire safety with a UL94V-0 rating, ensuring fast self-extinction within 5 seconds of encountering a flame.


  • Self-extinguishing capabilities for ultimate safety.
  • Robust construction and reliable performance.
  • Enhanced protection for sensitive electrical equipment and wiring.


Choose Ledes for peace of mind in the face of fire emergencies.

Résistance aux UV

Weatherproof and Long-lasting Electrical Protection with Ledes Conduit.

Our LSOH flexible wire conduit offers exceptional UV resistance, perfect for outdoor installations. This ensures:

  • Protection of sensitive electrical equipment from the elements.
  • Durability and longevity for long-term performance.
  • Cost savings through extended service life.


Trust Ledes for reliable and weatherproof electrical solutions.

Le conduit électrique Ledes présente d'excellentes performances de résistance aux UV et à la lumière du soleil, ce qui convient aux projets de construction extérieurs
Ledes- UL & CSA & ASTM & AS.NZS & IEC & EN & ISO Certified electrical conduit and fittings supplier brand manufacturer wholesaler bulk price list for sale in usa canda mexico new zealand australian korea malta samoa honduras brazil hongkong singapore uk columbia spain sri lanka chile peru

Super résistance à la compression et à l'impaction

Enhanced Strength and Durability with Ledes LSHF Outdoor Flexible Electrical Pipes.

Our innovative electrical flexible cable conduit offer exceptional performance, with:

  • High mechanical strength up to 750 Newton-tons.
  • Excellent impact resistance with 6 Joules of impact energy.
  • Secure and reliable installation for peace of mind.


Simplify and streamline your electrical installations with Ledes! 


Résistance à la compression

1 250 Nt/5 cm

Résistance aux chocs


Écart de température

-45 à +150℃ (-49 à 302℉)


À toute épreuve

Résistance à la flexion


Caractéristiques électriques

Isolation électrique

Protection IP


Taux de résistance au feu


Résistance à l'isolation

>1000MΩ, 2000V~pas de panne




Matière premièreThermoplastique sans halogène
Résistance au vieillissementStabilisé aux UV
Sans halogèneLa valeur PH est de 9,0, la valeur de conductivité est de 9,9 μs/cm
Faible fuméeLa transmission lumineuse minimale en 40 minutes : 68,97%
Faible fumée selon ASTM E662Pas moins de 95,3 à 60 secondes
Indice d'oxygènePas moins de 39,2%



Code des produits


Diamètre extérieur (mm)

ID minimum (mm)
































Remarques : peut être personnalisé en épaisseur et en couleur



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