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Ledes LSZH Electrical Cable Wiring Pipe Brand Factory Supplier Manufacturer wholesaler distributor bulk price list in new zealand australian korea brazil singapore spain sri lanka chile peru
Ledes low smoke zero halogen conduit IEC & as/nzs certified conduit pipe wholesaler distributor brand factory manufacturer
Ledes low smoke zero halogen rigid conduit IEC & as/nzs certified conduit pipe wholesaler distributor brand factory manufacturer wholesaler distributor bulk price list in australian malta korea brazil hongkong singapore uk columbia spain sri lanka chile peru
Ledes electrical conduit and fittings IEC & as/nzs certified conduit pipe wholesaler distributor brand factory manufacturer supplier wholesale distributors peru chile sri lanka spain columbia brazil korea malta uk singapore
Ledes electrical conduit and fittings IEC & as/nzs certified conduit pipe wholesaler distributor brand factory manufacturer supplier wholesaler distributors bulk price for sale australian new zealand peru chile sri lanka spain uk singapore brazil korea malta

Ledes LSZH Electrical Wiring Conduit Pipe Heavy Duty - Gray

Norme compatible

CEI61386-1, CEI61386-21

EN50267-2, CEI60754-1

CEI61034-2, ASTM E662

ISO4589-2, ISO19700, UL94

Les conduits et raccords Ledes LSZH ont un fournisseur certifié IEC et AS/NZS


The Future of Electrical Safety: Our Low-Smoke, Halogen-Free (LSHF) Conduit represents the next leap in electrical installation innovation. Prioritizing personnel safety, it stands as a guardian against the perils of fire, producing minimal smoke and no harmful halogens. Environmentally considered, our LSHF conduits surpass traditional PVC in green credentials. Empower your projects with the conduit that cares for people and the planet.

Top-notch Fire Protection. Our conduit boasts a top-notch fire rating of V0, which means it can withstand intense flames. In the unlikely event of a fire, the flame will automatically die out within 5 seconds of the ignition source being removed. This exceptional safety feature delivers the ultimate protection for both your home and office.

Built for the Elements. Our conduit is engineered to withstand the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays, making it ideal for outdoor installations. Its resistance to extreme UV exposure ensures reliable performance even in the most challenging outdoor environments.

Industry-Leading Expertise. Our company has proudly served as a trusted partner on over 15 large construction projects worldwide. We have also proudly serviced thousands of companies across the United States, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Our vast experience and reliable services have earned us a stellar reputation in the industry.

Résistance extrême à la compression. Minimum 1,250Nt /5cm.

Résistance aux chocs. Minimum 6 Joules.


Revolutionize Your Safety Standards with LSZH Electrical Conduit – The Futureproof Choice!
Discover the cornerstone of modern electrical installations – the LSZH Electrical Plastic Conduit. A trailblazer in the industry, this conduit stands out with its reduced smoke and halogen-free composition, offering an eco-friendlier, safer alternative to traditional PVC pipes.
Say goodbye to dense, toxic fumes in emergencies. LSZH’s advanced formula minimizes the release of black smoke and harmful toxins, safeguarding lives and the environment alike. This innovative solution has swiftly become the go-to for critical infrastructures like hospitals, schools, and government facilities.
Brought to you by Ledes – the pioneers in PVC electrical conduits – we’re proud to have introduced this game-changing technology to the market. Meet the highest safety standards: our LSZH conduits comply with stringent UL1685-4 and IEC 60754-1 certifications. Trusted for their low flame spread, negligible smoke output, zero halogen emissions, and remarkable cold endurance, they excel in the face of danger.
Ideal for high-risk settings prone to gas or smoke hazards – from busy underground passages to the seclusion of control rooms – our conduits ensure peace of mind where it counts. Nations like Australia and Chile mandate LSZH conduits in building decor, prioritizing the well-being of citizens and the planet.
Invest in LSZH Electrical Conduits and empower your projects with unparalleled protection. Shop now and elevate your fire safety to the next level!

Description du produit

Why LSOH Electric Conduit is Most Popular in the World?

Le conduit sans halogène à faible fumée de Ledes diminuera la fumée noire lors de la combustion

Faible fumée

Improved Safety, Enhanced Lifesaving Opportunities.

Standard PVC electrical conduits can pose a significant problem during a fire as they produce copious amounts of black smoke. This impairs visibility, hampers evacuation efforts, and obstructs firefighting operations. Our LSOH electrician pipes are designed to tackle these specific issues – they minimize smoke production during burning, significantly enhancing evacuation prospects and aiding rescue missions. For the safety of those trapped in a fire, place your trust in LSOH electrician pipes.

Sans halogène

Enhanced Health and Environmental Protection.

Regular PVC pipes are loaded with halogens, resulting in a double whammy of dense, black smoke during fires and a toxic legacy for the environment. Halogens can be harmful to your health, making a switch to more eco-conscious solutions not just a choice, but a responsibility. Take a step towards a greener, safer future by choosing alternatives that put well-being and the planet first.

Le conduit Ledes sans halogène à faible fumée ne produira aucun halogène lors de la combustion
Le conduit Ledes LSZH est doté d'un classement au feu UL94V-0, ce qui réduira les pertes en cas d'incendie.

Résistance aux flammes de qualité V0

Ultimate Protection, Swift Response.

The LSZH electrical pipes carry a V0 fire rating — the mark of highest safety. Should a fire occur, these pipes self-extinguish within a mere 5 seconds once the flame source is removed, providing superior protection for both lives and property. Experience the peace of mind that comes with state-of-the-art materials designed to ensure safety in the most critical moments.

Résistance aux UV

Top-Notch Durability, Cost-Effective Solution.

Our products display exceptional UV resistance, an essential feature for outdoor installations. Not only do they withstand weathering and UV damage, but their longevity translates into tangible savings for you. Invest in sustained performance and economy; choose our UV-resistant solutions for your installations.

Le conduit électrique Ledes présente d'excellentes performances de résistance aux UV et à la lumière du soleil, ce qui convient aux projets de construction extérieurs
Les conduits et raccords électriques Ledes ont d'excellentes performances physiques telles que la courbure, l'impact et plus encore.

Super résistance à la compression et à l'impaction

Ease of Use, Exceptional Durability.

Boasting an impressive strength of up to 1,250Nt/5cm for compression and 6 Joules for impact resistance, our electrical pipes are designed to simplify your construction process. Forget the worries of cracks and damages – these pipes are built to withstand the rigors of use, ensuring a quality and hassle-free experience from start to finish.


Résistance à la compression1 250 Nt/5 cm
Résistance aux chocs6J
Écart de température-45 à +150 ℃ (-49 ℉ à 302 ℉)
GradeÀ toute épreuve
Résistance à la flexionRigide
Caractéristiques électriquesIsolation électrique
Protection IPImperméable
Taux de résistance au feuUL94V-0
Résistance à l'isolation>1000MΩ, 2000V~pas de panne
Sélection des couleursBlanc/Noir/Gris


Code des produits


Diamètre extérieur maximum (mm)







25 pièces/barre





18 pièces/barre





12 pièces/barre





12 pièces/barre





5 pièces/barre































Remarques : peut être personnalisé en épaisseur et en couleur



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