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Ledes LSZH Low Smoke Zero Halogen Electrical Conduit Pipe
Introducing the new standard in electrical conduit, Ledes LSZH rigid conduit pipe. LSZH stands for low smoking and halogen-free, meaning it’s safer for your building and its occupants in times of emergency.

Unlike PVC conduit, which releases copious amounts of black smoke and harmful gases when burned, LSOH electrical pipe only emits a slight amount of black smoke and does not contain halogens or other harmful gases. This makes it a crucial safety upgrade for buildings, especially in extreme situations like fires.

Ledes offers a wide range of LSZH electrical conduit in various colors and types to meet your specific needs:

– Medium Duty (Grey): Perfect for general electrical wiring.
– Heavy-Duty (Orange): withstands high temperatures and pressures.
– Communication Pipe (White): designed specifically for low-voltage communication cables.
– Black: a new color designed by Ledes for customer projects.

With up to 1,250Nt resistance to compression and 6J resistance to impact, Ledes LSZH conduit can protect your building cable wires from damage for a long time.

Ledes has been in the electrical pipe business for over 14 years and is proud to offer UL, cUL, CSA, AS, IEC, and ISO approved products.

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