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Ledes IEC and ASNZS certified conduit hangers clip electrical fittings manufacturer brand factory supplier wholesale distributors price
Ledes IEC and ASNZS certified lszh conduit fittings hft accessories clamp electrical wholesale distributors brand factory manufacturer

Ledes LSZH Abrazadera Eléctrica Clips De Conducto De Plástico - Gris

Estándar compatible

IEC61386-1, IEC61386-21

EN50267-2, IEC60754-1

IEC61034-2, ASTM E662

ISO4589-2, ISO19700, UL94

Los conductos y accesorios Ledes LSZH cuentan con un proveedor certificado IEC y AS/NZS.


Upgrade to LSZH Clamps. The future-proof solution for your electrical safety. Designed with an emphasis on fire prevention, these advanced pipe hangers safeguard personnel seamlessly. Their distinctive halogen-free composition transcends the eco-friendliness of standard PVC clamps, making them an intelligent choice for the environmentally-conscious.

Alta calificación retardante de llama. With a UL94V-0 fire rating, rest assured knowing that the flame will self-diminish within 5 seconds once the fire source is extinguished. It’s top-tier defense for your home and office.

Defy the Sun with UV Resistance. Engineered for outdoor durability, this product thrives under extreme UV exposure, ensuring optimal performance in the toughest weather conditions.

Outstanding All-Weather Performance. Handles a wide temperature range from -45 to +150°C (-49 to 302°F), paired with an IP65 waterproof rating for full weather resilience.

Socio confiable. A cornerstone supplier with over 15 major global construction projects, servicing thousands of companies across the US, Canada, Australia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Tailored Solutions Beyond Compare. We offer complete customization, from size and color to project-wide solutions, leveraging our extensive industry experience to meet your unique needs.

Descripción general

Discover the LSZH Electrical Clamp: The Smarter, Safer, More Durable Choice for Your Electrical Installations.
Unleash the Power of Safety: Protect your cables from damage such as abrasion and snags that could expose wires and pose fire or electrocution risks.
Boost the Lifespan of Your Installations: Reduce strain on cables and terminals to prevent issues like loose cables, electrical arcs, overheating and short circuits.
Say No to Disruptions: Prevent unintentional disconnections, ensuring no exposed live wires or damage to other circuit elements.
Keep Grounded: Ensure optimal grounding for metal conduits and boxes, guaranteeing superb cable armor contact. Presenting the LSZH Electrical Clamp, our latest conduit hanger, designed to secure your cable, protect it from harm, and improve safety in fire situations with its low smoke and halogen-free characteristics.
Enhance Safety, Embrace Sustainability: Our clamp stands out with superior, environmentally-friendly materials that reduce toxicity emissions in case of a fire, increasing survival chances while protecting the earth
Established as a premier supplier in China, Ledes has been transforming conduit pipes for over 14 years – with certifications from CSA, UL, and more.
More than a supplier, Ledes revolutionizes customer experience by launching a new era of customization. Transcend the limitations of regular colors and thicknesses, and explore bespoke solutions designed for you. With careful attention to detail and unmatched customer service, Ledes is here to bring your projects to life.
Experience the Ledes difference today with a free sample! Contact us now.

Descripción del Producto

Why You Need AS/NZS 2053 & IEC Certified LSZH Conduit Hangers Clamps?

El conducto Ledes libre de halógenos y bajo nivel de humo disminuirá el humo negro al quemarse

Humo bajo

Enhanced Safety and Security with Ledes Electrical Hangers.

Our LSZH electrical hangers offer:

  • Reduced smoke generation during emergencies for safer evacuation.
  • Secure and reliable electrical installation.
  • Increased safety and peace of mind.


Simplify your electrical installations with Ledes!

Libre de halógeno

Eco-Friendly and Reliable Electrical Clamps with Ledes.

Our innovative electrical clamps eliminate halogen emissions, prioritizing:

  • Sostenibilidad y seguridad ambiental.
  • Fiabilidad y rendimiento excepcionales.
  • Protección tanto para los sistemas eléctricos como para el planeta.


¡Elija Ledes para soluciones eléctricas sostenibles y confiables!

El conducto Ledes libre de halógenos y bajo nivel de humo no emite halógenos al quemarse
El conducto Ledes LSZH tiene clasificación contra incendios UL94V-0, lo que reducirá las pérdidas en caso de incendio.

Resistencia a las llamas de grado V0

Enhanced Fire Safety for Electrical Pipe Installations with Ledes Clips.

Our LSZH electrical pipe clips are engineered with a UL94V-0 fire resistance rating for:

  • Rápida autoextinción en 5 segundos.
  • Protección confiable para componentes eléctricos sensibles.
  • Mayor seguridad para personas y bienes.


Strengthen your electrical installations with Ledes clips!

Resistencia a los rayos UV

Reliable and Long-lasting Electrical Protection for Outdoor with Ledes.

Our electrical conduit offers exceptional UV resistance, ensuring:

  • Protección para instalaciones exteriores frente a los rayos UV.
  • Mayor vida útil para rentabilidad.
  • Tranquilidad y rendimiento confiable.


¡Invierte en protección eléctrica exterior duradera y asequible con Ledes!

El conducto eléctrico Ledes tiene un excelente rendimiento de resistencia a la luz solar y UV, lo que es adecuado para proyectos de construcción al aire libre.
Ledes IEC and ASNZS certified conduit hangers clamps with excellent performance

Excelente actuación

Flexible and Durable Electrical Securement with Ledes Clips.

Our electrical conduit clips offer:

  • Amplio rango de temperatura para adaptabilidad a diversos entornos.
  • Clasificación de impermeabilidad IP65 para una protección confiable.
  • Diseño flexible para una fácil instalación y ajuste.


Choose Ledes for flexible and reliable electrical clipping!


Resistencia al envejecimiento

Estabilizado a los rayos UV

Rango de temperatura

-45 a +150 ℃ (-49 a 302 ℉)

Clasificación impermeable

IP65 o superior

Materia prima

Termoplástico libre de halógenos



Características electricas

Aislado eléctrico

Resistencia al fuego


Libre de halógeno

El valor de PH es 9,0, el valor de conductividad es 9,9 μs/cm

humo bajo

La transmitancia de luz mínima en 40 minutos: 68.97%

Bajo nivel de humo según ASTM E662

No menos de 95,3 a los 60 segundos.

Índice de oxígeno

No menos de 39.2%



Código de productos


diámetro exterior (mm)

Identificación (mm)




























Observaciones: se puede personalizar el grosor y el color.



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