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Adaptador Macho Ledes LSZH con Contratuerca Conexiones Eléctricas

Estándar compatible

IEC61386-1, IEC61386-21

EN50267-2, IEC60754-1

IEC61034-2, ASTM E662

ISO4589-2, ISO19700, UL94

Los conductos y accesorios Ledes LSZH cuentan con un proveedor certificado IEC y AS/NZS.


Adaptadores LSZH. Elevate Your Safety and Sustainability Game. Our cutting-edge electrical pipes and fittings offer optimal protection for personnel in fire scenarios. Made from halogen-free plastic, they outshine conventional PVC adaptors in eco-friendliness.

Exceptional Flame Retardancy. Endowed with a UL94V-0 fire rating, our mail adaptor promises swift self-extinguishing within just five seconds of fire source removal – a superior layer of protection for your home and office.

Resistencia a los rayos UV. Designed for the great outdoors, our product thrives under extreme UV exposure, ensuring it’s the ideal choice for any installation, come rain or shine, in the harshest of weather conditions.

Durabilidad excepcional. Performs flawlessly across a broad temperature range of -45 to +150℃ (-49 to 302℉), coupled with an IP65 waterproof grade, it delivers weatherproof resilience for reliable use in any condition.

Reliable Choice. We’re a trusted supplier with a record of over 15 major global construction projects. Servicing thousands of companies across the U.S., Canada, Australia, UAE, and South Africa, we’re a preferred partner in construction needs worldwide.

Tailored Solutions. Our services go beyond just customizing the size and color of products. Leveraging our extensive industry experience, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to your project’s unique needs.

Descripción general

Discover the Future of Electrical Safety with LSZH Conduit & Fittings!
Dive into a world of enhanced safety with our Male Terminal Adapters. These vital connectors effortlessly transition your electrical conduit from a spigot end to a threaded metal or LSZH plastic female bell end, ensuring seamless connectivity. Whether it’s linking PVC electrical conduit to a box or another threaded entity, our adapters, coupled with a lock nut, make installation a breeze.
Introducing our groundbreaking LSOH electrical pipe adaptor – the latest innovation in electrical conduits and fittings. Designed for the modern world, our LSOH adaptor boasts low smoke emission and is completely halogen-free. Unlike traditional PVC pipe fittings, our LSOH conduit male adaptor significantly minimizes the release of black smoke and harmful halogens in fire situations, potentially increasing chances of survival. Its eco-friendly composition has captured the global market, making it the preferred choice for installations in hospitals, schools, government buildings, and home renovations.
Led by innovation and a commitment to quality, Ledes has been at the forefront of the electrical conduit industry in China for over 14 years. We are proud to be the first in China to achieve CSA and UL certifications for electrical pipe and fittings. Our products also meet global standards, including ASTM, IEC, AS/NZS, ROHS, and CE certifications.
But we don’t stop there. Ledes has transformed the customer experience by offering unparalleled customized services. Say goodbye to the constraints of standard colors and thicknesses. With Ledes, you can expect custom solutions tailored to your project’s specific needs. From design compatibility and mold production to our obsessive attention to detail, we are dedicated to not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations and propelling your projects to success.
Elevate your project with Ledes. Reach out today to get your free sample and experience the difference!

Descripción del Producto

Why You Need IEC & AS/NZS 2053 Certified LSZH Conduit Adaptors?

El conducto Ledes libre de halógenos y bajo nivel de humo disminuirá el humo negro al quemarse

Humo bajo

Safe and Efficient Electrical Upgrades with Ledes LSZH Adaptors.

Our LSZH electrical fittings offer:

  • Reducción de la generación de humo para una evacuación más segura.
  • Conexiones e instalaciones eléctricas eficientes.
  • Mayor seguridad y eficiencia para sus proyectos.


Upgrade your electrical system with confidence using Ledes!

Libre de halógeno

Eco-Friendly and Reliable Electrical Adapters with Ledes.

Our PVC-free male adaptors prioritize:

  • Environmental sustainability by eliminating halogen emissions.
  • Fiabilidad y rendimiento excepcionales.
  • Protección tanto para los sistemas eléctricos como para el planeta.


Choose Ledes for sustainable and reliable electrical solutions.

El conducto Ledes libre de halógenos y bajo nivel de humo no emite halógenos al quemarse
El conducto Ledes LSZH tiene clasificación contra incendios UL94V-0, lo que reducirá las pérdidas en caso de incendio.

Resistencia a las llamas de grado V0

Enhanced Fire Protection for Electrical Accessories with Ledes.

Our LSZH electrical conduit accessories are engineered with a V0 fire resistance rating for:

  • Rápida autoextinción en 5 segundos.
  • Protección confiable para componentes eléctricos sensibles.
  • Mayor seguridad para personas y bienes.


Stay safe and efficient with reliable electrical accessories from Ledes!

Resistencia a los rayos UV

Sustainable and Durable Electrical Protection for Outdoor with Ledes.

Our electrical conduit offers exceptional UV resistance, ensuring:

  • Protección para instalaciones exteriores frente a los rayos UV.
  • Mayor vida útil para rentabilidad.
  • Tranquilidad y rendimiento confiable.


¡Invierte en protección eléctrica exterior duradera y asequible con Ledes!

El conducto eléctrico Ledes tiene un excelente rendimiento de resistencia a la luz solar y UV, lo que es adecuado para proyectos de construcción al aire libre.
El adaptador de conducto y la caja posterior Ledes LSZH tienen una temperatura de trabajo excelente y una clasificación de impermeabilidad IP65

Excelente actuación

Flexible and Reliable Electrical Connection with Ledes Adaptors.

Our electrical adaptors offer:

  • Amplio rango de temperatura para adaptabilidad a diversos entornos.
  • Clasificación de impermeabilidad IP65 para una protección confiable.
  • Secure and flexible electrical connections.


Choose Ledes for flexible and reliable electrical connection!


Resistencia al envejecimiento

Estabilizado a los rayos UV

Rango de temperatura

-45 a +150 ℃ (-49 a 302 ℉)

Clasificación impermeable

IP65 o superior

Materia prima

Termoplástico libre de halógenos

selección de color


Características electricas

Aislado eléctrico

Resistencia al fuego


Libre de halógeno

El valor de PH es 9,0, el valor de conductividad es 9,9 μs/cm

humo bajo

La transmitancia de luz mínima en 40 minutos: 68.97%

Bajo nivel de humo según ASTM E662

No menos de 95,3 a los 60 segundos.

Índice de oxígeno

No menos de 39.2%


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Observaciones: se puede personalizar el grosor y el color.



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