Ledes - 1er fabricante, distribuidor mayorista, marca de tuberías y accesorios para conductos eléctricos de PVC con certificación UL y CSA, precio de fábrica
Ledes IEC & AS/NZS certified LSZH Electrical ENT Conduit manufacturer brand supplier wholesaler factory bulk price sale new zealand australian korea malta brazil hongkong singapore uk spain columbia sri lanka chile peru
Ledes IEC & AS/NZS certified flexible wire conduit manufacturer brand supplier wholesaler factory price distributor bulk sale new zealand australian peru chile sri lanka brazil
Ledes IEC & AS/NZS certified ENT Conduit manufacturer brand supplier wholesaler factory price distributor bulk sales australian malta korea brazil hongkong peru chile sri lanka new zealand
Ledes Corrugado Flexible Eléctrico blanco para red de comunicaciones data center

Conducto Eléctrico Flexible Ledes LSZH Tubo Oculto Blanco

Estándar compatible


IEC61386-1, IEC61386-21

EN50267-2, IEC60754-1

IEC61034-2, ASTM E662

ISO4589-2, ISO19700, UL94

Los conductos y accesorios Ledes LSZH cuentan con un proveedor certificado IEC y AS/NZS.


Conducto libre de halógenos con bajo nivel de humo. LSZH Conduit – A next-gen electrical pipe globally recognized for its superior protection to personnel safety during fire incidents. Moreover, its halogen-free construction makes it a greener alternative to traditional PVC conduits.

Superior Flame Resistance – Boasting a UL94V-0 fire rating, our product guarantees flames self-extinguish within 5 seconds of removal of the ignition source, providing the ultimate protection for your home and office.

Resistencia a los rayos UV. Expertly designed to withstand extreme UV exposure, this product is the ideal solution for outdoor installations, delivering robust performance in even the most severe outdoor environments.

Reliable Ally – Renowned as a key supplier for over 15 substantial global construction projects and proudly servicing thousands of companies across the US, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Resistencia extrema a la compresión. Mínimo 1.250Nt /5cm.

Resistencia al Impacto. Mínimo 6 julios.

Descripción general

Discover the Future of Safe Electrical Installations with Ledes’ LSZH Conduit Pipe
Unlock a safer, greener future with Ledes’ groundbreaking LSZH Electrical Plastic Flexible Conduit Pipe Product. This innovative conduit outperforms traditional PVC pipes by dramatically reducing harmful smoke and toxins in fire situations, prioritizing the health and safety of everyone involved. Its low smoke and halogen-free characteristics make it a staple in critical and high-traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, and government buildings. With its eco-friendly design, LSZH is setting a new standard for electrical conduits globally.
As pioneers in the industry, Ledes introduced this revolutionary technology and garnered acclaim for its commitment to safety and sustainability. Certified by UL1685-4 and IEC 60754-1, our LSZH corrugated flexible conduits exemplify excellence with features like low flame spread, minimal smoke production, zero halogen emissions, and superior low-temperature resilience. They’re the preferred choice in areas prone to gas and smoke exposure, ensuring protection in enclosed or densely populated environments.
Following the global trend towards safer building materials, several countries, including Australia and Chile, have legislated the use of LSZH pipes in construction, underlining the importance of health and environmental protection.
Based in China, Ledes has been a leading name in the electrical conduit market for over 14 years. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and quality has made us the first manufacturer in China to receive UL and CSA certifications. With a robust lineup of electrical materials that meet the highest international standards, Ledes remains the trusted partner for durable and reliable electrical infrastructure solutions.
For a safer tomorrow, choose Ledes’ LSZH Electrical Plastic Conduit Product. Experience unmatched safety and performance where it matters most.

Descripción del Producto

Why You Need AS & IEC Approved LSZH Flexible Electrical Conduit?

El conducto Ledes libre de halógenos y bajo nivel de humo disminuirá el humo negro al quemarse

Humo bajo

Smoke-free and Secure: Choose LSZH Corrugated Electrical Pipe

Traditional PVC electrical flexible pipes release a massive cloud of black smoke when they catch fire, hindering evacuation and rescue efforts. But our innovative LSZH corrugated pipe tackles this serious safety risk by:

  • Minimizing smoke production: Halogen-free materials ensure a safer environment for all.
  • Quick evacuation: Allows for safe escape and rescue in emergencies.
  • Seguridad mejorada: Superior fire protection for peace of mind.


Experience the next generation of electrical safety with the reliable LSZH corrugated pipe!

Libre de halógeno

Safeguarding Lives and the Environment: The Benefits of Going Halogen-free

Traditional PVC corrugated electrical pipes often contain harmful halogens, which pose two significant risks:

  • Toxic smoke emission: When these pipes catch fire, they release a thick cloud of black smoke filled with harmful toxins.
  • Environmental damage: These halogens are toxic to both humans and wildlife, leaving a devastating impact on the environment.

Fortunately, our innovative LSZH electrical flex conduit is free of these harmful halogens, offering:

  • Improved fire safety with reduced smoke production
  • Protection for both lives and property
  • Eco-friendly design that promotes sustainability
  • Meet your electrical safety and environmental responsibility goals!


Choose Ledes for peace of mind in the face of fire emergencies.

El conducto Ledes libre de halógenos y bajo nivel de humo no emite halógenos al quemarse
El conducto Ledes LSZH tiene clasificación contra incendios UL94V-0, lo que reducirá las pérdidas en caso de incendio.

Resistencia a las llamas de grado V0

Reliable Fire Protection for Your Underground Cables

Our advanced LSZH flexible underground conduit boasts a remarkable UL94V-0 fire rating, ensuring exceptional safety and peace of mind:

  • Rapid self-extinction: Flame will automatically vanish within 5 seconds after the fire source is removed.
  • Enhanced protection: Keeps vital infrastructure and underground cables safe from fire damage.
  • Increased safety: Reduced risk of outages and disruptions in case of emergencies.


Trust LSZH for robust fire safety in your underground installations!

Resistencia a los rayos UV

Weatherproof and Durable: LSZH Flexible Underground Conduit

Our LSOH flexible underground conduit is engineered for exceptional performance in outdoor environments:

  • Outstanding UV resistance: Stands strong against harsh UV rays from the sun, ensuring long-lasting protection.
  • Durable y confiable: Built to withstand the elements for worry-free installation and performance.
  • Rentabilidad: Long lifespan and resistance to degradation save you money in the long run.


Enjoy reliable electrical protection for your outdoor projects with LSZH flexible pipe!

El conducto eléctrico Ledes tiene un excelente rendimiento de resistencia a la luz solar y UV, lo que es adecuado para proyectos de construcción al aire libre.
Ledes- UL & CSA & ASTM & AS.NZS & IEC & EN & ISO Certified electrical conduit and fittings supplier brand manufacturer wholesaler bulk price list for sale in usa canda mexico new zealand australian korea malta samoa honduras brazil hongkong singapore uk columbia spain sri lanka chile peru

Súper resistencia a la compresión y al impacto

Superior Strength and Resilience for Peace of Mind

Our LSHF flexible conduit pipe boasts impressive strength and resilience:

  • Exceptional compression resistance: Handles up to 1,250N/5cm for seamless installations, even in tight spaces.
  • Robust impact tolerance: With 6 Joules of impact resistance, you can rest assured even in demanding conditions.
  • Quality you can trust: Advanced manufacturing processes ensure superior quality for lasting performance.


Experience worry-free electrical installation with the LSZH flexible underground conduit!


Resistencia a la compresión


Resistencia al impacto


Rango de temperatura

-45 a +150 ℃ (-49 a 302 ℉)


Tarea pesada

Resistencia a la flexión


Características electricas

Aislado eléctrico

Protección de ingreso de IP


Tasa de resistencia al fuego


Resistencia al aislamiento

>1000MΩ, 2000V~sin avería




Materia primaTermoplástico libre de halógenos
Resistencia al envejecimientoEstabilizado a los rayos UV
Libre de halógenoEl valor de PH es 9,0, el valor de conductividad es 9,9 μs/cm
Humo bajoLa transmitancia de luz mínima en 40 minutos: 68.97%
Bajo nivel de humo según ASTM E662No menos de 95,3 a 60 segundos
Índice de oxígenoNo menos de 39.2%




Código de productos


diámetro exterior (mm)

Identificación mínima (mm)

































Observaciones: se puede personalizar el grosor y el color.



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