Ledes - 1er fabricante, distribuidor mayorista, marca de tuberías y accesorios para conductos eléctricos de PVC con certificación UL y CSA, precio de fábrica
Ledes UL listed DB60 Direct Burial Electrical Conduit Pipe brand factory supplier wholesaler wholesal bulk price sale usa canda mexico peru chile columbia spain honduras korea samoa
Ledes DB60 PVC Utilities Duct UL listed electrical conduit manufacturer brand factory supplier wholesaler distributor bulk price sale usa canda mexico peru chile spain columbia uk singapore hongkong brazil honduras korea korea
Ledes UL listed DB60 Duct Direct Burial Electrical Conduit Pipe factory supplier manufacturer wholesale distributor bulk price sales in usa canda mexico peru chile columbia spain hongkong singapore honduras korea samoa
Ledes DB60 PVC Utilities Duct Direct Burial Electrical Conduit factory brand manufacturer distributor wholesaler bulk price sale usa canda mexico peru peru columbia spain hongkong brazil honduras korea samoa

Conducto Ledes DB60 Conducto de PVC para servicios públicos Tubería eléctrica DB-60

Estándar compatible

ASTM D1784

ASTM F-512

NEMA TC 6 & 8

Ledes - Proveedor de conductos eléctricos certificado por UL


ASTM Standard. Ledes DB-60 PVC conduit adheres to the stringent standards of ASTM D1784 and ASTM F-512. Get in touch with us for more information about this exceptional item.

Producto de marca. Crafted using 100% brand-new materials, this conduit boasts a smooth interior and exterior, ensuring effortless wire routing.

Alto índice de resistencia al fuego. UL 94V-0 fire rating guarantees no flaming out when disconnected from a fire source, safeguarding your home and property.

Tubería no metálica. Heat-, corrosion-, fire-, sunlight-, and rust resistance make DB-60 utility duct a durable choice for a wide range of applications.

Socio de confianza. With 15+ impressive construction projects under its belt and servicing 1,000+ companies across the US, CA, AU, UAE, and SA, Ledes is a trusted partner you can count on.

Descripción general

Type DB-60 utility ducts are suitable for direct burial applications without encasement in concrete. A conduit is a specialized pipe for routing and protecting electrical or communication cables underground.

Take your projects to new heights with Ledes – the premier PVC electrical conduit pipe manufacturer rooted in China for over 14 years. Ledes, recognized for our unyielding pledge to innovation and excellence, is the first Chinese manufacturer to boast the globally respected UL (UL LISTED) and CSA certifications. Our range of superior electrical materials, complying with stringent industry standards, ushers us onto the global stage as a trusted supplier synonymous with unrivalled reliability and durability.
Experience the future with our advanced Schedule 40 & 80, Type A, DB & EB electrical conduit series, fabricated using the latest industry technology and innovative formulas. These conduits not only meet high standards but carry a UL 94V-0 fire rating, signifying that they are self-extinguishing within 5 seconds upon removing the fire source, significantly enhancing safety.
Whether you’re seeking traditional configurations or customized solutions, Ledes is your ultimate partner for safe, dependable electrical conduits. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive product portfolio and outstanding services. When you choose Ledes, you choose a legacy of quality and dedication.

Descripción del Producto


Diseño de accesorios y conductos eléctricos con certificación UL y CSA de Ledes para el mercado de EE. UU. y California para un fabricante de marcas de conductos eléctricos

Diseño para el mercado estadounidense

DB-60: Engineered for Exceptional Strength and Durability

Our US-engineered DB-60 electrical conduit boasts:

  • Unmatched Strength: With a tensile strength of up to 4,000 psi, it can handle demanding installations with ease.
  • Superior Impact Resistance: A remarkable 150 ft-lbf impact resistance ensures it can withstand accidental drops and impacts.
  • Tranquilidad de espíritu: Meet industry standards (ASTM F512 and ASTM D1784) for ultimate safety and reliability.


Count on DB-60 for superior performance and unwavering durability in your electrical projects.

Producto de marca

DB-60: Effortless Installation, Maximum Efficiency

Save time and costs with our pre-installed DB-60 electrical PVC pipe! This high-quality pipe features:

  • Pre-belled ends: Eliminates the need for time-consuming on-site bending and installation.
  • Materiales nuevos: Enjoy the benefits of ultimate reliability and performance.
  • Instalación sin esfuerzo: Faster project completion and cost savings.


Choose DB-60 for a seamless and efficient electrical installation experience.

Conductos y accesorios eléctricos de plástico PVC de Ledes utilizados para materiales nuevos en lugar de uno reciclado
El conducto Ledes LSZH tiene clasificación contra incendios UL94V-0, lo que reducirá las pérdidas en caso de incendio.

Alto índice de fuego

DB-60: Next-Gen Safety with Supercharged Fire Resistance

Experience unparalleled safety with our DB-60 electrical conduit pipe featuring:

  • UL 94V-0 fire rating: Respaldado por pruebas rigurosas para máxima seguridad y rendimiento.
  • Self-extinguishing in 5 seconds: Quickly cuts off the fire source and minimizes damage.
  • Enhanced safety for life and property: Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re protected.


Choose DB-60 for unprecedented fire safety in your electrical installations.

Non - Metallic PVC Duct

DB-60 Utility Pipes: Sustainable, Safe, and Affordable

Our DB-60 electrical PVC pipes offer:

  • Lightweight and affordable: Cost-effective solution without compromising quality.
  • Inoxidable y aislado: Durabilidad excepcional para un rendimiento sin preocupaciones.
  • Valor duradero: Reliable and long-lasting infrastructure for your projects.


Upgrade to DB-60 for enhanced safety, sustainability, and ultimate value.

Los coneduit y accesorios eléctricos de plástico PVC PP PE PC de Ledes son livianos, asequibles, resistentes al óxido, aislados y de larga duración.
Los conductos y accesorios eléctricos con certificación Ledes UL, CSA, ASTM, IEC, ASNZS, EN y CE son resistentes a los rayos UV y a la luz solar.

Resistencia a la luz solar

Built to Last: Superior Heat and Sunlight Resistance for Outdoor Installations

Our DB-60 electrical pipe is engineered to withstand the elements with:

  • Excepcional resistencia al calor: Sunlight & UV resistance support.
  • Excelente resistencia a la luz solar: Protection from UV rays for long-lasting performance.
  • Durable y confiable: Peace of mind for your outdoor electrical systems.

Choose DB-60 for worry-free and long-lasting electrical solutions in any weather.


Basic Materials

Min. 4,000 psi (28 MPa)

Resistencia al impacto

Up to 150 ft-lbf


Up to 120 lfb/in.

Estanqueidad de las articulaciones

Min. 25 psi (170 kPa)

Resistencia al fuego

UL 94V-0

Permanencia de la impresión

Resistente al óxido y a la luz solar.


Gris o personalización



Servicios personalizados


Lugar de origen

Dongguan, China


Por mar




10ft or 20ft


Conduit shall be clearly marked with the manufacturer’s name or trademark, PVC cell classification (that is: PVC 12254-A, PVC 12254-B, PVC 12164-B, PVC 12264-A, or PVC 12264-B), size, type of conduit (for example, DB-60), the minimum wall thickness, code or control number, and this designation“ ASTM F 512” at intervals of 5 ft (1.5 m) or less.

Any additional marking deemed necessary by the manufacturer is permitted.


Tamaño (pulg.)

Número de pieza

Avg. OD (inch)








10ft / 20 ft





10ft / 20 ft





10ft / 20 ft





10ft / 20 ft





10ft / 20 ft


Observaciones: se puede personalizar el grosor y el color.



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