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Ledes DB2 PVC Electrical Conduit Pipe factory supplier brand manufacturer wholesaler distributor price list bulk usa canda mexico peru chile spain columbia honduras korea samoa
Ledes CSA certified DB2 Conduit factory supplier brand manufacturer wholesaler distributor bulk price sale usa mexico canda peru chile columbia singapore honduras korea samoa
Ledes DB2 PVC Conduit brand manufacturer factory bulk price sale usa canda mexico peru chile columbia honduras korea samoa
Ledes direct burial conduit factory supplier brand wholesaler distributor bulk price sale usa canda mexico peru chile columbia honduras samoa
Ledes DB2 Conduit CSA certified factory supplier brand manufacturer wholesaler distributor bulk price usa canda mexico peru chile columbia honduras korea samoa

Ledes CSA certificó el tubo eléctrico rígido del PVC del conducto DB2

Estándar compatible

CSA C22.2 No. 211.1 with FT4 Rating

Listado UL 651

Ledes - Proveedor de conductos de PVC rígido DB2 ES certificado por CSA


Certificado CSA y UL. Ledes PVC DB2 rigid electric conduit pipes and fittings are not just CSA & UL certified, they’re your assurance of superior electrical protection. Get in touch with us to discover more and harness the advantages of top-tier safety today.

Producto de marca. Indulge in the refinement of our branded product, masterfully constructed from 100% fresh materials. Relish the velvety-smooth essence of its sophisticated design, both inside and out, perfected for smooth electrical wire organization.

Excepcional resistencia al fuego. With its impressive FT4 and UL 94V-0 fire ratings, this product is designed to withstand intense flames, ensuring that it won’t ignite or flare up when removed from a heat source. This unparalleled fire protection offers the ultimate peace of mind for safeguarding your home and building.

Durable & High-Performance PVC Duct. Opt for our PVC DB2 duct, the non-metallic solution that stands up to heat, corrosion, fire, and UV rays with ease. It’s the reliable and enduring choice for your project’s success.

Socio de confianza. With over 1,000 companies across the US, Canada, Australia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia relying on us, and more than 15 successful construction projects to our name, we are the partner you can trust.

Descripción general

Ledes Type DB/2 PVC conduit is designed for use in concrete encased or masonry and direct burial projects. Type DB/2 PVC is CSA certified,
tested by CSA Standard C22.2 No. 211.1.

Elevate Your Projects with Ledes: Discover the Difference of China’s Premier PVC Electrical Conduits
As the flagship PVC electrical conduit provider from China, Ledes redefines industry standards with over 14 years of unparalleled expertise. Proudly the first in China to earn the distinguished CSA and UL certifications, Ledes’ commitment to excellence is evident in every product and service offered.
Experience the pinnacle of innovation with Ledes’ PVC electrical conduits. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and advanced formulas, each conduit stands out with its exceptional design, meeting rigorous standards, and boasting an impressive FT4 fire rating. But it’s not just about superior products; it’s about transforming the industry with our revolutionary approach to customized services.
Ledes takes customization to the next level, offering you unlimited possibilities beyond the standard options for colors and wall thicknesses. With tailored solutions that perfectly fit your project’s specific requirements, from bespoke design and mold production to our unparalleled attention to detail, we’re not just meeting your expectations – we’re exceeding them.
Don’t just take our word for it – experience the Ledes difference for yourself. Reach out today to receive your complimentary sample and see why Ledes is the partner of choice for your next project.

Descripción del Producto

Why You Need CSA Certified DB2 Rigid PVC Electrical Conduit?

Diseño de accesorios y conductos eléctricos con certificación UL y CSA de Ledes para el mercado de EE. UU. y California para un fabricante de marcas de conductos eléctricos

Design for CA & US Market

Built to endure: Ledes DB2 electrical conduit for ultimate strength and safety.

Our DB2 rigid PVC electrical conduit and accessories deliver unparalleled performance in demanding environments:

  • Impact-resistant: Can handle drops and impacts with ease (up to 61 J).
  • Stiffness for stability: Remains stable under pressure with a mighty 300 kPa stiffness.
  • Expertly designed: Precision engineering meets industry standards (CSA, UL, NEMA).


Trust Ledes for electrical installations that can handle the heat! Request your sample today and experience the difference.

Producto de marca

Enjoy the ultimate time-saving advantage with our innovative DB2 utility duct:

  • Pre-manufactured convenience: Ready-to-use with no prepping required.
  • Saves precious time & costs: Avoid the hassle of costly pre-installation preparation.
  • Quality materials: Crafted with premium materials for lasting performance.


Upgrade your electrical installations with Ledes’ efficiency! Request a sample today and experience the future of convenience.

Conductos y accesorios eléctricos de plástico PVC de Ledes utilizados para materiales nuevos en lugar de uno reciclado
El conducto Ledes LSZH tiene clasificación contra incendios UL94V-0, lo que reducirá las pérdidas en caso de incendio.

Alto índice de fuego

Fire safety elevated: Ledes DB2 electrical conduit with built-in fire protection.

Say goodbye to fire risks with our innovative DB2 electrical conduit:

  • Self-extinguishing: Automatically extinguishes within 5 seconds of encountering a fire, mitigating its spread.
  • Seguridad mejorada: FT4 fire rating and UL 94V-0 compliance for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Superior performance: Advanced materials deliver exceptional fire protection alongside reliable electrical conductivity.


Trust Ledes for safe and reliable electrical installations! Claim your sample today and experience the difference.

Conducto no metálico

Embrace safety and cost-effectiveness with Ledes’ advanced DB2 electrical conduit.

Our DB2 electrical duct offers a groundbreaking combination:

  • Ligero y asequible: Saves installation and labor costs.
  • Resistente al óxido y aislado: Guaranteed protection from corrosion and electrical hazards.
  • Long-lasting performance: Built for enduring strength and reliable electrical conductivity over time.


Upgrade your electrical installations with Ledes’ innovative DB2 conduit and enjoy superior protection, performance, and cost savings! Request your sample today.

Los coneduit y accesorios eléctricos de plástico PVC PP PE PC de Ledes son livianos, asequibles, resistentes al óxido, aislados y de larga duración.

Resistencia a la luz solar

Stay protected, stay connected: Ledes DB2 electrical conduit thrives outdoors.

Designed for ultimate durability:

  • Heat & sunlight resistance: Works seamlessly in outdoor environments, defying harsh weather conditions.
  • Ahorro de costes a largo plazo: Minimize replacements and repairs with long-lasting protection.
  • Peace of mind guaranteed: Reliable performance for trouble-free electrical installations.


Choose Ledes for worry-free outdoor electrical projects! Request your sample today and experience the difference.


Resistencia al impacto

61 J a 23 °C y 34 J a –18 °C


300 kPa

Resistencia al aplastamiento


Estrés residual


Joint Tightness

No Rupturing

Permanencia de la impresión

Resistente al óxido y a la luz solar.


Gray or Customized



Customized Services


Lugar de origen

Dongguan, China


Por mar




10 pies. o 20 pies.



Conduit shall be legibly and durably marked with letters and numbers in a colour that contrasts with the

conduit. The following information shall be repeated at intervals not greater than 1.5 m:

a) the manufacturer’s name, trademark, or other recognized symbol of identification;

b) “EB1” or “DB2/ES2”;

c) “conduit”;

d) the metric designator and trade size;

e) “PVC”;

f) the date of manufacture or the manufacturer’s code; and

g) “CSA C22.2 No. 211.1”.


Trade Size

Número de pieza

Avg. OD(mm)

Avg. ID(mm)

Min T(mm)




































Observaciones: se puede personalizar el tamaño y el color.



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