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Ledes electrical conduit bend iec en asnzs certified conduit fitting manufacturer brand factory supplier bulk price for sale

Ledes Conduit Bend Solar PVC Electrical Pipe Elbow Gery

Estándar compatible

AS/Nueva Zelanda 2053

Prueba de envejecimiento por luz UV

EN 61386


Norma ISO 9001:2015

Ledes - Conducto Solar para Panel Solar y Proyecto de Energía


Resistencia a los rayos UV. Ledes conduit bends are engineered for exceptional UV exposure performance, making them ideal for outdoor installations and capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions.

Non – Metallic Conduit Fittings. Boasting electronic and heat insulation, these lightweight and durable fittings are completely rustproof. They offer significant advantages over traditional metallic electrical conduit bends, including longevity and ease of installation.

Alto índice de resistencia al fuego. Achieve peace of mind with our UL94V-0 fire-rated conduit elbows that guarantee self-extinguishment within 5 seconds after removing the fire source, offering top-tier protection for your home and office.

Outstanding Performance. Engineered for versatility, our electrical fittings operates flawlessly within a wide temperature range from -15℃ to +105℃ (5°F to 221°F), coupled with an IP65 waterproof rating for unparalleled reliability.

Socio de confianza. A cornerstone supplier for over 15 major construction projects worldwide, we proudly serve thousands of companies across the US, Canada, Australia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Fully Customized Service. Beyond just size and color customization, our rich industry experience allows us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your project’s specific needs.

Descripción general

Discover the Revolution in Solar Conduit Bends with Ledes.
Introducing the Ledes Solar Conduit Bend – the ultimate outdoor routing solution designed specifically for solar power generation systems. Unlike traditional PVC conduit bends, our advanced formula offers superior stability and resilience in the most extreme conditions, ensuring your setup remains robust and dependable for the long haul.
Regular PVC fittings may quickly degrade under relentless sun or UV exposure, leading to discoloration, cracks, and dangerous wire exposure that can accelerate wear and pose significant safety hazards. At Ledes, we’ve rigorously tested countless compounds to forge a PVC electrical pipe bend that resists the elements – confirmed by 1,440+ hours of UV and stability testing.
¿Por qué elegir Ledes?


  • With over 14 years leading the industry, Ledes is the first in China to boast CSA and UL certifications for electrical pipes and fittings, aligning with global standards like ASTM, IEC, AS/NZS, ROHS, and CE.
  • Escape the ordinary with our fully customized service offerings, enabling a tailored approach that encompasses everything from unique color options to precise wall thicknesses.
  • Our quality assurance isn’t just a promise; it’s a guarantee, with random quality checks and exhaustive testing ensuring that only the best products reach your hands.


Elevate Your Solar Project


Let Ledes be the backbone of your solar infrastructure. Contact us now to secure your free sample and experience the Ledes difference – where excellence and bespoke solutions converge to fuel your success!

Descripción del Producto

Why You Need AS & IEC Approved Conduit Pipe Bend?

El tubo de conducto solar Ledes Sch 80 tiene un excelente rendimiento de resistencia a la luz solar UV y se prueba en rayos UV durante más de 1440 horas.

Resistencia a los rayos UV

Reliable protection for your solar power installations.

Our professional solar PVC conduit bends offer:

  • Comprehensive safety: Protection for electrical components from damage and short circuits.
  • Eficiencia mejorada: Secure installation and easy access for maintenance.
  • Expert craftsmanship: Quality materials and meticulous design for peace of mind.


¡Elija Ledes para disfrutar de una protección y eficiencia incomparables en sus instalaciones solares a gran escala!

Non - Metallic Rigid Bend

Durable y confiable para una experiencia perfecta.

Our electrical conduit elbows prioritize:

  • Construcción ligera: Fácil instalación y manejo.
  • Rentabilidad: Invierta en calidad sin gastar mucho dinero.
  • Inoxidable y aislado: Disfrute de una protección y seguridad inquebrantables.


Experience peace of mind with the superior durability of Ledes electrical conduit pipe and fittings!

El conducto no metálico con certificación UL e IEC de Ledes tiene un rendimiento aislado y resistente a la oxidación que se mantiene en uso a largo plazo.
El conducto Ledes LSZH tiene clasificación contra incendios UL94V-0, lo que reducirá las pérdidas en caso de incendio.

Resistencia a las llamas de grado V0

Seguridad autoextinguible para sus instalaciones.

Our solar plastic conduit bending boasts a remarkable UL 94V-0 fire rating, ensuring:

  • Extinción rápida: El fuego se controla rápidamente en 5 segundos.
  • Seguridad mejorada: Minimizes potential damage and preserves life and property.
  • Protección superior contra incendios: Disfrute de la tranquilidad con una protección confiable en sus proyectos.


Count on Ledes for unparalleled safety and performance!

Excelente actuación

Wide operating temperature and weatherproof protection.

Our PVC conduit bends offer:

  • Temperature range: Operates comfortably from -15℃ to +105℃ (5 to 221℉).
  • Waterproof design: IP65 rating ensures protection from dust and water for reliable performance.


Enjoy dependable protection for your installations in various temperature and environmental conditions!

Ledes iec asnzs certified solar electrical conduit bend full range work temp and ip65 waterproof rating


Materia prima


Selección de color


Clasificación impermeable


Rango de temperatura

-15 ℃ a +105 ℃ (5 a 221 ℉)

Características electricas

Aislado eléctrico

Resistencia al fuego


Resistencia a los rayos UV

Resistencia extrema a la radiación UV



diámetro exterior (mm)

























Observaciones: se puede personalizar el grosor y el color.



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