Solar conduit are designed for outdoor installation, such as the installation of wires for solar panel arrays, or the used of engineering projects in areas exposed to sunlight for a long time.
The solar series pipes need to be exposed to the outdoors for a long time, or even used in bad weather environments where they are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, so we have high requirements for UV resistance. It not only needs to be able to block sunlight for tubes to prevent aging and heating problems caused by long-term UV exposure, but also it can not conduct too much heat inside or it will affects the normal operation of the wires in the pipe. Excessive heat will soften the wire insulation and even cause a fire hazard.
On the other hand, the large outdoor temperature difference will also affect the stability of the solar series pipelines, so the solar conduits need to be solved these problems.

The LSZH conduit & PVC Solar conduit are works well underground. Or you can contact us for more details.

Yes, all of our products was pass related SGS certification with RoHS compliance.


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