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LEDES is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of electrical PVC conduit pipes and fittings, offering a competitive range of solutions for various applications. From infrastructure and bridge tunnels to photovoltaic power stations and hospitals, LEDES has the perfect conduit system for your project.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, LEDES is a company dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Their comprehensive product portfolio includes electrical conduits and fittings that comply with international standards, including IEC low smoke halogen-free, solar UV, AS/NZS 2053 Australian standard, UL listed American standard, CSA certified Canada standard, and British EN standard conduit & fittings.

LEDES has successfully obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification, and passed various product certifications including UL, CSA, ASTM, AS/NZS, IEC, CE, and ROHS. With their diverse range of high-quality products and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, LEDES is the preferred choice for electrical conduit needs.

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1st UL & CSA Certified Supplier in China

107,639 ft² Factory Space

100+ Certifications & Patents

15+ Construction Project Core Supplier in worldwide

1,000+ Customers in Service

Global LSOH Electrical Conduit Pipe & Fitting Supplier

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Ledes IEC ASNZS Certified Rigid Conduit Series factory brand manufacturer wholesale distributor price list bulk in australian new zealand peru chile sri lanka uk singapore hongkong brazil korea malta

IEC & AS/NZS Certified Rigid Conduit Series

Ledes offers IEC 61386 & AS/NZS 2053 medium-duty and heavy-duty LSZH rigid conduit from 20mm to 150mm, which has up to 1,250Nt/5cm Resistance to Compression & 6J Resistance to Impact. The working temp ranges from -45 to +150℃ (-49℉ to 302℉).

Ledes IEC ASNZS Certified Corrugated Flexible Conduit Series brand factory supplier manufacturer wholesale distributor bulk price list in australian new zealand peru chile sri lanka spain uk singapore hongkong brazil korea malta

IEC & AS/NZS Certified Corrugated Flexible Conduit Series

Ledes offer IEC 61386 & AS/NZS 2053 certified with UL94V-0 fire rating LSHF corrugated conduit pipe. The size ranges from 20mm to 63mm, and customization services are available. All the conduits passed 1,440 hours UV aging test, PH Value test, Low Smoke to ASTM E662 test, and more.

IEC ASNZS Certified Communications Conduit Series lszh pipe manufacturer wholesaler distributor bulk price list in new zealand australian mexico usa chile peru sri lanka spain columbia uk singapore hongkong brazil honduras korea malta samoa

IEC & AS/NZS Certified Communications Conduit Series

Ledes LSHZ communications conduit is used to provide mechanical protection for data, network, phone, and TV cable. We offer 20mm to 100mm with white color, and customized service is available.

UL IEC Certified Sch 40 80 Conduit Series brand factory supplier manufacturer wholesaler distributor bulk price list in usa canda mexico new zealand peru chile sri lanka spain columbia uk singapore hongkong brazil korea malta samoa

UL & IEC Certified Sch 40 & 80 Conduit Series

Ledes offers UL1685-4 & IEC60754-1 certified schedule 40 & 80 LSZH electrical conduit from 1/2 inch to 8 inch, which has up to 5,000 psi Tensile Strength & UL 94V-0 fire rating and excellent performance for sunlight resistance.

Ledes UL Listed Bend Electrical Conduit Fittings Brand Manufacturers Supplier Wholesaler bulk price list in usa canda mexico peru chile sri lanka australian spain columbia uk singapore hongkong brazil honduras korea malta samoa

Electrical Conduit Fittings & Accessories

Ledes offers an LSZH electrical box, adaptable box, gang box, junction box, bend, coupling, tee, elbow, lb bodies, reducer, straps, connectors, adapter, bushing, cap, etc. It matched with your conduits and down the labor cost of your project.

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Why LSZH Conduit

Low smoke zero halogen or low smoke free halogen (also called LSZH, LSOH, LS0H, LSFH, OHLS, ZHFR, or HFT) is a material classification typically used for cable or electrical conduit in industry. Its biggest advantage is that it only releases a small amount of smoke when burned and Does not contain toxic substances such as halogens.
Are you a building contractor, builder or distributor? Do you prioritize safety, durability, and eco-friendly solutions? Meet Ledes’ Low-Smoke, Halogen-Free (LSZH) series. Our conduits and accessories, innovatively designed with upgraded materials, drastically reduce black smoke and toxic halogens, enhancing safety for on-site personnel and aiding rescuers during fires.
But it’s not just about safety. Ledes’ LSZH series also excels in physical robustness and boasts top-tier fire protection ratings. Interested in building with materials that combine safety with sustainability? Our video below holds the answers. Click now and experience the Ledes revolution! Take the first step towards safer, greener constructions today. Discover how Ledes is redefining industry standards. Don’t miss out!



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Ledes Certified LSZH Conduit Fittings Series Factory Brand Supplier Manufacturer wholesaler distributor bulk price for sale in usa canda mexico australian new zealand peru chile sri lanka spain columbia uk singapore hongkong brazil honduras korea malta samoa

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Why Choose Us

1st UL & CSA Certified in China

Ledes, a leading LSZH conduit manufacturer in China, is UL & CSA-certified with FT4 rating. They also have ASTM, AS / NZS 2053, IEC, ROHS, CE, and ISO certifications. With its superior quality and compliance, Ledes has become a trusted brand for electrical professionals and homeowners.

The Contractor's Choice

With 14+ years of industry experience, we've proudly served power stations, hospitals, metro systems, and solar projects, and more.


Tailored to your project, Ledes offers compliant products that save you time and cost. Meet building code requirements 100% while optimizing your project.

Competitive Price

Get cost savings and a competitive edge. Purchase directly from the factory and increase your local market competitiveness.

High Quality

Ledes reach extends beyond borders. Delivering high-quality products to over 100+ countries worldwide, we're proud to offer exceptional conduit solutions to customers everywhere.


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Looking for a partner in distributing and wholesaling? Ledes offers a comprehensive network to distributors & wholesalers worldwide. Get exclusive access to technical and marketing resources.

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Gary N. Tan. Illinois, US

Ledes Conduit is Great

Ledes conduit pipe is Great! They are both extremely pleasant and helpful to work with. I highly recommend this company.


Lorenzo J., Burkett Virginia, US

High quality, highly recommend

Quick, fast, high quality electrical pipes! The customer service is also unmatched, definitely will be using this supplier for all my project needs.


Daniel K. West Ontario, CA

Exceptional quality and service!

I’ve been working with Guy from the Ledes Team for about 2 years now. They are always friendly and helpful and goes above and beyond to ensure quality work! The quality of the conduit are superb and the professionalism and customer service are exceptional! Thank you Ledes Team!

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