LEDES Successful Participation at the 134th Canton Fair

As the First Exhibition in China, the scale of the 134th Canton Fair reached a new high. This Canton Fair will be divided into three stages, each stage will display different product categories, including consumer electronics, household products, textiles and clothing, medical equipment, machinery and equipment, building materials, etc.

The total exhibition area was expanded to 1.55 million square meters, an increase of 50,000 square meters compared with the previous session. The total number of booths is 74,000, an increase of nearly 4,600 compared to the previous session. There were 28,533 exhibiting companies, 3,135 more than the previous year, including many new companies and national-level high-tech companies. The online platform of this Canton Fair has been further improved to enhance intelligence and convenience. A total of 28,653 companies participated in the online platform, an increase of 2,115 from the previous session. So far, companies have uploaded about 2.72 million products, including about 700,000 new products.

Overseas purchasers attended the event enthusiastically, with more than 150,000 purchasers from 215 countries and regions participating in the offline exhibition. Among them, there were nearly 70,000 buyers from countries jointly building “The Belt and Road”, an increase of 65.2% compared with the same period of the 133rd canton fair. The Canton Fair has achieved remarkable results in promoting smooth trade among countries of co-building “The Belt and Road”.

LEDES Successful Participation at the 134th Canton Fair A Gateway to Global Engagement 2

LEDES, a manufacturer specializing in electrical conduit, has participated in the international stage of the Canton Fair many times. At this Canton Fair, LEDES exhibited many innovative product series at booth 11.2C17 in the second phase. Including UL, CSA, AS/NZS, standard electrical conduit, low smoke halogen-free conduit and solar conduit, as well as relative accessories such as junction boxes, adaptable boxes, elbows, couplings, adapters, etc. LEDES is committed to product and technology innovation, bringing more innovative protection solutions to the electrical industry. Quality and safety have always been LEDES’s top priority, and all products are required to withstand various industry requirements and standards. For different markets, LEDES’s products have passed UL651, UL1653, CSA C22.2 No.211.1/2, AS/NZS 2053, CE, IEC and other certifications, and is the first Chinese manufacturer listed to UL651 and CSA certification.

Ledes 134th Autumn Canton Fair Live
Ledes 134th Autumn Canton Fair Live
LEDES 2023 Autumn Canton Fair Live

During this exhibition, LEDES’ products attracted the attention of many overseas buyers, who came to our booth for product consultation. Customers expressed strong interest in the product, and some of them immediately made appointments to visit the LEDES office and factory to learn more about the LEDES brand. “The effect of this exhibition is obvious. We are very grateful to the Canton Fair for providing us with more opportunities and allowing more people to recognize the LEDES brand. We will continue to understand the industry trends in depth, continuously improve product and technology innovation. Bring more surprises for this industry” said the sales manager, Mrs. Wee.

Ledes 2023 Autumn Canton Fair Shows
Ledes 2023 Autumn Canton Fair Shows
Ledes Ledes 2023 Autumn Canton Fair Exhibition Shows

LEDES exhibited successfully at this canton fair. It has explored more business opportunities and made many friends with the expertise in this industry, and increasing the brand awareness to more people. LEDES will continue to work hard to let more people know about our brand and our products. Looking forward to meeting more professionals in the future.

LEDES Successful Participation at the 134th Canton Fair A Gateway to Global Engagement

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