Ledes Got CSA certified of PVC Electrical Conduit (2023)

Quoted from CSA Official.Website and Youtube Channel

CSA Group was established in 1919, the full name of the Canadian Standards Association. As one of the most authoritative non-profit testing organizations in Europe and North America, it has released 3000+ test standards covering 12 fields of products, focusing on protecting our safety.

Today, Ledes’s PVC conduit and fittings have successfully passed the certification of CSA Group, becoming the first manufacturer in China to pass this certification in the field of electrical PVC conduits.

“This stems from our consistent pursuit of quality,” said Jeana, vice president of Ledes, in an interview. It is the same as we got UL Listed before. We have invested huge R&D funds and human resources to continuously improve and optimize our products, so achieving such results proves that our efforts are rewarded.

As one of the most rigorous product tests in the world, CSA has strict requirements on all aspects of product performance, safety, and environmental protection. We have upgraded the raw materials, formula, production process, and packaging several times. Although we have gone through hardships in this process, we will still strictly follow the relevant requirements of CSA in the future to provide customers with high-quality products.

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About Ledes

Proudly manufactured in China, we specialize in electrical conduit and have several “first” titles, but this is not the most important. The most important thing is that we advocate the culture of engineers, pay attention to the difficulties and pain points in the process of the electrician and practical application, constantly upgrade and optimize products, and can customize according to customers’ projects.

Ledes was established in 2008, and we spent 14+ years sending our products to UL, the most stringent laboratory in the world, and got the certification. In the next 20 years, we will continue to upgrade our products and apply them to various construction projects worldwide, contributing our strength to the global construction industry.

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