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Conducto flexible

Ledes ENT flexible conduit – Revolutionizing electrical installations
Looking for a high-performance, low-cost alternative to metallic tubing? Look no further than Ledes ENT flexible conduit. UL & cUL Listed for unmatched performance and safety, this nonmetallic tubing boasts excellent impact resistance, superior anti-bend strength, and compliance with North American and Canadian building codes.
Experience unparalleled quality and affordability:

High-performance: Up to 2.7J impact resistant and 4,448N (1,000 lb) anti-bend strength guarantee no accidents during construction.
Cost-effective: Significantly lower cost than metallic tubing for faster project completion.
Full range: Offered in a complete range of sizes from 1/2 to 2-1/2 to meet any project requirement.
Customizable: Tailored solutions to meet your unique project needs and preferences.
Industry leader: Backed by 14+ years of industry experience and adhering to UL, cUL, CSA, ASTM, AS/NZS 2053, IEC, and ISO certifications.

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