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Ledes PVC Adaptable Box: Powering Australian & New Zealand Electrical Construction
Looking for a PVC conduit fitting that’s 100% compliant with project requirements and certified by AS/NZS 2053 & IEC 61386? Look no further than the Ledes PVC adaptable box.

Designed specifically for the Australian & New Zealand market, this fire-rated and waterproof box is a game-changer for electrical construction. Featuring a UL94V-0 fire rating and IP67 waterproof grade, it’s built to withstand even the most demanding environments.

Say goodbye to inefficient electrical construction methods. With the Ledes adaptable box, you can punch holes to connect wire pipes and install wire rows inside for fixation, significantly improving your efficiency and saving time.

Ledes has 14+ years of industry experience and is proud to offer a range of approvals, including UL, cUL, CSA, AS/NZS, IEC, ASTM, and ISO. For more information, including brochures, simply contact us today.

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