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Conducto corrugado

Ledes Corrugated Electrical Conduit – Perfect for Australian & New Zealand Construction
Ledes, a leading manufacturer of PVC conduit & fittings, offers high-quality corrugated electrical conduit that’s 100% certified to AS/NZS 2053 and IEC 61386, making it the perfect choice for construction in Australia and New Zealand.

Available in medium-duty (grey) and heavy-duty (orange), this corrugated flexible conduit offers:

Robust: Resists compression up to 1,250Nt / 750Nt and has a UL94V-0 fire rating.
Highly flexible: Easily takes multiple bends without deformation.
Perfect for corners: Flexes smoothly around corners, making it ideal for construction in tight spaces.
Commonly used: Perfect for home decoration, large commercial buildings, and various construction projects.
Why Choose Ledes Corrugated Electrical Conduit?

Leading manufacturer: Trusted brand with industry-leading certifications.
High-quality: Made with premium materials and manufactured to strict standards.
Flexible and durable: Bendable without deformation and resistant to compression.
Safety compliant: Meets all Australian & New Zealand electrical safety regulations.
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