Warum sollten Sie sich für raucharme und halogenfreie Leitungen entscheiden?

Why choose low smoke and halogen free conduit? What are the differences between normal PVC and halogen conduits?-Low smoke:Smoke caused by burning plastics poses a massive threat to human lives. PVC Conduits can never comply with low smoke requirements due to material properties.-Flame retardancy:To avoid flame propagation in buildings, conduits have to be flame retardants. While halogen free conduits need specific additives. PVC is genuinely flame retardant.-Zero Halogen:In case of fire, halogens generate toxic smoke. Halogen free installation systems eliminate this hazard. PVC contains halogen chlorine and is never halogen-free.Environmental protection, halogen-free, non-toxic, low smoke. Dedicated to hospitals, school dormitories, airports, and other projects.
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